Rustic Barn Door Entryway - $150.00

                         Delivery fee applies 

Four Post Arbor $150.00

Sheers and floral swag included- flowers can be arranged

to match your colors and decor

Delivery fee applies 

Whiskey Barrels bar rental- $150

Entryway Doors- we can set the door up to swing-0pen with an additional fee for set up -$175.00

(doors shown when closed. Opposite side looks like the stationary doors when open)   

Wreaths with your colors included

Delivery fee applies 

Stationary Entryway Doors - $150.00

 "...and they lived happily ever after"

Wreaths with your colors included

(Front view of doors)

Delivery fee applies 

150 Quart Cooler rentals with bartending services - $20.00 each 

Ice can be provided for an additional fee

Chafing Dishes w/ Sternos - $10 each

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